DATE:  July 13 to 16 FULL
             August 10 to 13

LOCATION:  EMUNA Center Alicante

PRICE: 350€

Join us!

It is a 4-days Advanced Tantra retreat to strip your body of clothing and your soul of what does not serve you. To connect to your body, ignite the spark of your orgasmic energy, feel alive, in ecstasy and connect with your erotic strength.

For people with the intention of awakening themselves and others aligning with their true self and with the vital drive of their creative sexual energy.

Why Naked?
Although Tantra approaches sexuality in a healthy way, nakedness is still a taboo for many people that approach a Tantra workshop. Nakedness is not a taboo for us. For us, human body is beautiful and we don’t see anything bad in showing it to others in a safe and respectful environment.


I am a woman, will I feel safe in this workshop?
I am a woman too and in my first Naked Tantra I started trembling but I trusted, I relaxed and lived one of the best experiences of my life.

At first my head kept asking me, how can I be sure of the intentions of the men who come to this workshop?

It is natural you ask yourself this question. I also made it and I know how you feel, so I promise to create an environment of absolute respect and trust, so you can freely decide what to do anytime.

My team filters the candidates through a personal interview, to select conscious men with experience in Personal Development and Tantra so that a respectful environment is created for us.

Any case, since this is something that only you can decide by yourself, you should know that nudity is voluntary, never mandatory.

To help you feeling totally safe you can give yourself the opportunity to try to attend only the 1st day (clothes on), to see how you feel with the group.

So you can decide if you want to continue the rest of the days with us, because when I invite people to get undressed it is progressive, always respecting the rhythm of each person.

I remind you that nothing is mandatory, you can even get dressed if you feel better, I’ll be by your side to accompany you whatever your process


Is this Workshop just an Excuse for Sex?
No, if you are into Tantra you will know that Tantra workshops are not an excuse for easy sex.

For us sex is not a Taboo. Although it is not just an excuse for sex, this event is sex positive. During the more intimate exercises, if two people connect and consent, they can go as further as they like in their intimacy.

All considering the right moment, situation and respect to others.

What will I experience in this Tantra Retreat?

  • To connect with your sexuality and expand it
  • To explore your sexuality with others
  • To deepen in Tantric Massage
  • Connect with likeminded people

What does “Advanced Tantra Workshop” means?
Basically that some experience with Tantra is required (like having attended to several Tantra workshop), so you are comfortable with your body, touching and being touched with others, nakedness, you are interested in exploring your own sexuality and the connection with others from the heart. Also that for you to attend to a Tantra workshop is not just an excuse to have easy sex, since you are not going to find that here.

Who will Teach this Workshop?
Miren Lu + 15 years experienced Tantra Teacher will host this workshop
Know more about her at

What Language is Used?
Spanish with Translation to English & English with Translation to Spanish

What activities are scheduled?

– Tantric Philosophy. The awakening of consciousness

– Awaking the Senses

– Rediscovering self-pleasure

– Breathing and sexual energy

– Connecting your sex with your heart.

– Pelvic movements and sexual energy awakening

– Testicular and ovarian breathing

– The masculine-feminine polarity

– Advanced Tantric Massage

– Shiva-Shakti celebration rituals

Will it be mandatory to be naked all the time?Nothing is mandatory. Of course, if at any time you do not feel comfortable naked, you are free to dress.

Anyway, keep in mind that this workshop is meant to enjoy nudity.

Will there be a gender balance? (same number of women as men)                                In this workshop we work with polarity (Shiva-Shakti) we will try to maintain the balance between man and woman in the number of attendees. But we can not guarantee.

If you are not heterosexual and want to participate you can bring a partner of your same sex to practice the exercises.

Where is the workshop?
Center EMUNA  “VIVIR Farm” Partida Mosmai 24 Callosa de Ensarriá (Alicante)

When is the workshop?
Start at 17:00h to finish the last day at 17:00h.

What is the price and what does it include?
350€ per person ( included 4 days workshop + 3 meals ) 

It,s possible  to free camping in our land 


Since it is not a Workshop “for everybody”, first step is to have an interview (videocall) with our Team. 

You can send us an email to with a brief explanation of your experience with Tantra and your motivation to attend this workshop. Also with any questions you might have.

If you see that the workshop is for you and we see that we can be a match, then we will give you the instructions to proceed with the payment.